2013 Spring Menu Arrives

We launched our Spring Seasonal menu on Wednesday, March 27th and we’re very excited about our offerings this season. We know that many people are already missing our Pumpkin pancakes but it’s time to celebrate Lemon-Poppyseed pancakes!
If you really have a hankering though, we do sell our Pumpkin pancake mix in our stores, in local grocery stores and even on Amazon!
Those of you who come in quite frequently may have already noticed that we have changed the way we prepare our homefries. In the past we cut potatoes into wedges, boiled them and then fried them to create our homefries. They were very tasty but they weren’t consistent. Potatoes vary in size so when you cut them into wedges you end up with various-sized wedges. This leads to various levels of cooked. In a single batch of homefries we would have glorious, beautiful, perfectly cooked homefries alongside, shriveled up, burnt-to-a-crisp homefries.
Our new homefries are prepared using the same, new potatoes we’ve always used. However, now we cube the potatoes creating more evenly-sized pieces. We boil them just like we did before but we finish the potatoes on a flat-top grill. We still season the potatoes the same way we did before but now we add finely-cut, sautéed onions to the potatoes. Our new recipe is creating a more consistent and overall tastier product, we hope you feel the same way. Enjoy!

Oh, and in case you missed it on Facebook. Here’s our new Spring menu for 2013:


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