We like money just as much as the next restaurant, but at Kerbey Lane we’re about so much more than the bottom line. We like our vibe: delicious food served by what looks like a punk rock band that got lost on the way to its next gig or a roller derby team without the skates. We hire quality people and let them be themselves; there’s no corny slogans or birthday songs.

A lot of what makes Kerbey a fun place to eat is the feeling of togetherness among our employees. Managers play side by side with servers and cooks in the intra-Kerbey soccer league. Commissary workers’ favorite homemade recipes show up on seasonal menus. Employees design t-shirts and produce art for blackboards and windows. Treating the entire Kerbey workforce like family is central to our philosophy. We offer benefits, including paid vacation, health insurance, and a 401K program.

We’ve got nothing but love and gratitude for our friends and neighbors who’ve sustained us over the last 30 years. You all inspire us to evolve and try new things. Responsiveness to your creative feedback fuels so much of our success. So let us know what’s on your brains! Contact us here.