ACL Festival Round 2

It feels like so much has happened since our last blog post. The city is a buzz with ACL Festival goers. Last weekend, we did big numbers, serving a larger than usual number of people at all five locations from Friday through Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday gave us time to recover and then things picked back up yesterday.
This is the first year that we’ve experienced the festival two weekends in a row and we weren’t sure how we felt about it at first but now we’re convinced it’s a great idea. Not only does it mean more business for us, it also gives our staff a chance to enjoy the festival themselves. Many of our employees who were at the festival last weekend are now working for the employees who are attending this weekend.
We know that some of our customers avoid Kerbey Lane on ACL weekend because it’s so busy but we can assure you that we have extra staff and since it’s our second weekend in a row, we’ve got a pretty good handle on things.
To those of you who are regular customers we want to be sure you notice that we’ve added Chicken Fried Chicken to our 24hr menu. We’ve flirted with the idea for years and we even offered it on some of our seasonal menus but after years of requests it’s officially a part of our full-time menu.
We know that most people think of breakfast when they think of Kerbey Lane, which we’re totally ok with BUT we also want to highlight some of the fantastic non-breakfast foods we offer. For that matter, have you tried the seasonal Southwestern Pot Roast yet? Or Chef Joel’s twist on Shephard’s Pie? They are both out of this world and available 24hrs at all five Kerbey Lane Cafe locations around Austin.
Whether you’re headed to the fest this weekend or not, we hope you stop by. This week’s featured pancake is Salted-Caramel Chocolate Chip. We also have Pumpkin, as well as Vegan Pumpkin, pancakes and don’t forget to ask your server about a Pink Pancake! Have a great weekend y’all!

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