August is Here Y’all!

We don’t know how y’all felt about it but July really seemed to blink by for us. We’re hitting our summer stride and we’re hitting the swimming holes whenever we’re not at work. We’ve managed to stay stocked up on Tomato Pie and the coffee is as delicious as ever.
You may have noticed bottles of 100% Pure Maple Syrup from Vermont in our stores this week. Many of our customers expressed the desire to have Maple Syrup available, we listened and we encourage you to grab a bottle when you stop by. Just let your server know when you order.
If you’re coming by this week you probably won’t need very much syrup though because our featured pancake is Cinnamon Roll. Our Cinnamon Roll pancakes are by-far the most popular of all of our featured pancakes. Last week we featured Vegan Cinnamon Roll pancakes resulting in a sharp spike in the sale of Vegan pancakes. I guess the point we’re making is, if you haven’t tried the Cinnamon Roll pancakes yet, you really should. The hype is not just hype this time, these pancakes are for real. Oh and word around the whisk is, after Tuesday, August 6th Cinnamon Roll pancakes will be on hiatus for a month.

This week we also wanted to highlight a couple of fun little internet items that mentioned us within the last couple of weeks. Of course we end up on a lot of lists related to food, Austin, and UT. It’s always flattering and fun when this happens. Also, it’s a great honor to be mentioned on foodie blogs, or in any food-related media. However, it’s the unexpected mentions that can be the most fun.
Maggie Carey, the director of the film The To Do List, mentioned Kerbey Lane Cafe in an interview with Austin film blog, Slackerwood. When asked what she misses most about Austin, Carey answers, “Kerbey queso…” Read the full article on the Slackerwood site
Our name also ended up on pop-culture website Daily Candy, where Writer/Director/Actor Brea Grant says she would choose our queso over another local restaurant. You’ll have to read the interview to know which one.
So there you have it friends, another week in the life of Kerbey Lane Cafe. How was your week? Are you having a #TGIF moment?

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