Bee Aware

For those of you who already follow us on Facebook, this won’t be news but for those of you who weren’t already aware, the patio at Kerbey Lane on 183 will be closed for a few weeks. It’s a bummer on many levels. First of all, we’ll have less seating, which could make the wait longer. Also, we won’t be able to have any doggie visitors for a few weeks. We know that this is a serious inconvenience to our customers and we’re not happy about it. However, we had to take some drastic measures.
All four of stores with outdoor seating are visited by bees. This is not a shock, nor a surprise, they generally don’t bother us too badly and they only appear occasionally. However, we think that the bees of Anderson Mill have been posting about us on Facebook or something because the bee to human ratio has been out-of-control. What was once a bit of an annoyance became a nuisance and now it’s just dangerous.
We hired a team of bee-relocators, they tracked the bees to try to find their hive. We were hoping that hive was somewhere on our property and this team of bee experts would be able to move it. Sadly, they could not find the hive. They tracked the bees for quite a distance but never found the hive. Turns out bees travel within a five mile radius of their hive so tracking them down can be quite a project.
In the end, after consulting with people who know much more about bees than we do, we decided to cut the bees off. They have been drunk with syrup, fruit, and juices and now we’re not letting them have anymore. Unfortunately, this means that the patio at Kerbey Lane on 183 has to be a no food, and no drink zone. We have to teach the bees that there is no longer anything for them out there and once they find another more bee-friendly food source we can reopen the patio.
For our customers who really, really want to have to Kerbey food on a patio, we still have three locations with outside seating. Kerbey Lane Cafe locations on Kerbey Ln, William Cannon and S. Lamar all have outdoor dining available and they’re all dog friendly. Once again, we’re sorry for this inconvenience and we appreciate y’all bearing with us.
We hope everyone has a great weekend, if you decide to come in and see us we’ll be serving up S’mores pancakes and Vegan Lemon Poppyseed pancakes. See you soon!

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