Best of Austin Reader’s Poll

The city of Austin has changed so much since we first opened our doors in 1980. We’ve seen the skyline transform and the population explode. We’ve also changed, what was once a small restaurant run by recent college grads and their hippie friends in an old house has turned into an Austin icon with five stores all over the city. Our pancake mix is shipped all over the world and we’ve served so many pancakes they could wrap around the globe multiple times.
Through all the changes, the city of Austin has continued to support us and we truly appreciate it. Some folks may have disagreed with some of the decisions we’ve made and we haven’t been without controversy but overall we’ve felt the love. Hopefully, the city of Austin has felt the love right back. Yesterday, the Austin Chronicle reveled their Best of Austin Reader’s and Critic’s polls and once again we were voted Best 24-hour/Late Night.
We just wanted to write this little note to let you, the readers of the Chronicle, the residents of the City of Austin, the visitors from out of town as well as employees past and present know, that we love you right back. We look forward to growing and changing and being there for each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week for many more years to come. WE LOVE YOU AUSTIN!

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