The Kerbey Enthusiast

This Week in Kerbey

Every week that we have Cinnamon Roll Pancakes at Kerbey Lane, is a good week. It’s the most popular featured pancake and we love eating it as much as we love serving it. If you have yet to try this [Continue Reading ]

Kerbey Delivery

Your feedback is very important us here at Kerbey Lane Cafe. Some of you may already know this but we actually have a system we use to track customer feedback to help us spot trends. So, if you stop by [Continue Reading ]

This Week in Kerbey

Fellow Kerbey enthusiasts, we have reason to be thankful today. As we write these humble words, the sky is blessing our glorious city with some much needed rain. We don’t expect it to last very long but as you know, [Continue Reading ]

This Week in Kerbey

This week was the first UNOFFICIAL week of autumn. Technically the seasons won’t change for a couple of more weeks and if you live here in Austin, they don’t really change at all until November or December. Regardless of the [Continue Reading ]

Food For Thought

This weekend marks the unofficial end of Summer and we’ll be sorry to see it go, which is exactly why we decided to keep our Tomato Menu! We’ve noticed the trend of pumpkin-flavored everything starting earlier and earlier each year [Continue Reading ]

This Week in Kerbey

This week was an interesting one at Kerbey Lane Cafe. When you work in a 24hr restaurant you experience a lot of interesting things every week but this one was particularly noteworthy.   Today at our South Lamar location we [Continue Reading ]

Kerbey Westlake is Open

  Today is the first official day for Kerbey Lane Cafe Westlake and we couldn’t be more excited. We did a couple of test-shifts earlier in the week so we could get used to our new space but we’re ready [Continue Reading ]

Kerbey Westlake Opens This Month

Usually we like to begin The Kerbey Enthusiast post with a mention of Austin’s weathers for our friends who might be reading this from out of town. However, since it’s officially August let’s just not talk about the weather and [Continue Reading ]

This Week in Kerbey

It’s the first day of August, which is very special to us here at Kerbey Lane Cafe. Not only is it the hottest month of the year, it’s also the month that we open our sixth Kerbey location. We couldn’t [Continue Reading ]

This Week in Kerbey

It was a hot week here in Austin. We made it through a big chunk of Summer before the temperatures hit 100 but that all ended this week. Our own Chef Joel braved the hit this week to give a [Continue Reading ]