Did you know

National Chips and Dip Day!

The big day is here! Everyone’s. Favorite. Holiday. No, it’s not Easter or Valentine’s Day or Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s—it’s NATIONAL CHIPS AND DIP DAY. And whether you fancy tortilla, potato, or pita chips; salsa, guacamole, refried [Continue Reading ]

February Service Stars!

Each month, Kerbey Lane Cafe honors two* service stars — employees who exemplify the KLC core values, who lend an extra hand, and who are all around awesome people. So, we wanted to feature them on our blog! See below [Continue Reading ]

Spotlight: Our Northwest Makeover

Bright…fresh…uplifting – these are just some of the words servers and diners have used to describe the new (and dare I say delicious) look of Kerbey Lane Cafe’s Northwest location. Established in 1988 and reestablished in 2008, Kerbey Lane Cafe’s [Continue Reading ]

Receipt Surveys

  For the past several months you may have noticed a code near the bottom of your receipt at Kerbey Lane Cafe. These sorts of surveys have become common place in the service industry these days and we recognize that [Continue Reading ]

Kerbey Code Reds

In previous blog posts we have talked about changes in the preparations of various menu items and we have lightly touched upon what can, and does, inspire some of these menu changes. We call them Code Reds. This may sound [Continue Reading ]

Pancakes and Pancake Photos

Kerbey Lane, like many other bars and restaurants in town, is home to many an artist. We have lots of painters, sculptors, photographers and musicians working at our five locations. We have actors, writers, and filmmakers as well. One of [Continue Reading ]

2012 in Review

Well folks, 2012 is drawing to a close and we wanted to take a look back on what was a very eventful year for us. The year started with us locking up the doors on lots of great memories at [Continue Reading ]