Chocolate-Malt Cheesecake

We’re not sure if y’all have noticed that our Dessert Menu has some subtle changes. When we switched from our Summer Menu to our Fall Menu, we also traded out or old dessert menu for a new dessert menu. We already told you about the wonderful new Vegan Espresso Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting, well today we’re focusing on our newest cheesecake.
We have worked closely with our friends at The Cake Plate to make one of the most decadent and delicious cheesecakes we’ve ever had the pleasure of offering.
You’ve all had various forms of chocolate cheesecake in the past and they are wonderful but what sets ours a part is the malt. Ours is a Chocolate-Malt Cheesecake. Think Chocolate-covered, malted-milk balls married to cheesecake and you’re getting close.
This cheesecake may be available through our winter menu but it’s possible we will change flavors when we change from Fall to Winter. Just to be on the safe side you better come on in and get some tonight! Enjoy!

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