Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Alright y’all, we’ve been hyping this transition for a few weeks now and it’s finally upon us. That’s right, we at Kerbey Lane are now a unified front when it comes to our featured pancakes. As of last evening, no matter which Kerbey Lane you enter they will be featuring, the delectable, Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. They were a huge hit at Kerbey Wm. Cannon last week and now we’re giving the patrons of all of our stores the chance to try them out for themselves.
It’s a simple buttermilk pancake with a brown sugar-cinnamon swirl, topped with powdered sugar and a classic cinnamon roll glaze. You’ll have from now until next Tuesday to try them out and/or eat them over and over. We hope to see you soon!
Kerbey Cinnamon Roll PancakesKerbey Lane's Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

  1. Erin

    My husband and I had them on Saturday and they were delicious. My only wish is that I could get a gingerbread pancake with the cinnamon glaze, because I think that might blow my mind.

  2. Nicole

    I would like to request a Fruity Pebbles pancake. :)

  3. admin

    Next time you come in, just let your server know. We can always accomodate that request. Thanks!

  4. admin

    Yum! Sounds good, we’ll see what we can do. :-)