Core Values

We Serve Food of the Highest
Possible Quality and Value

First and foremost our goal is to provide high quality, thoughtful food for our guests.
We continually strive to create value by delivering a high quality experience at a competitive
price. We do not skimp on ingredients or cut corners on methods of preparation. We would
rather prepare an item from scratch than purchase it pre-made and we would rather source
staples from our central kitchen
than from large food suppliers. Whenever possible we partner with local purveyors.

We Recognize Our Guests
are Partners in Our Success

Our guests are the driving force behind our business. Their overall experience is what
determines our success or failure. We strive to offer a wide range of menu options
that will satisfy any palate,
while providing an exceptional level of customer service unparalleled in the casual
dining environment. Each guest’s experience should be unique and satisfying to them.
Our guests should feel welcome upon entering our restaurants and they should leave feeling a sense
of satisfaction and delight. Every guest has the potential to become an advocate for us and is
treated with consideration and appreciation regardless of their background, appearance or
values. Our reputation is dependent upon the experience we provide our guests, and it is our
collective responsibility to make every effort to ensure our reputation remains as strong as

We Provide Safe and Responsible Food

The unique experience we offer our guests is a reflection of the inputs we use to create that
experience. The consumption of food is a very personal undertaking. By choosing to dine with us,
our guests are entrusting us to provide a product that is safe to consume and that will not do harm
to their bodies. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. To us, food safety goes beyond
providing a product that is free from contamination. Food safety also means the responsible
provision of healthful, natural foods in reasonable portion sizes whenever possible. It means
offering meaningful menu options that are not unreasonably high in sugar, fat or salt. It means
offering food we can be proud of, knowing the thought and consideration that went into it.As
champions for our guests, we source the very best ingredients of the highest possible quality.

We are Champions for the Development and
Well-Being of our Team Members

The experience of our guests, and in turn the success of our business, depends on the collective
efforts of our team members. We therefore strive to create an environment that encourages personal
expression and creativity while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, continual self-improvement and
operational excellence. We believe that all team members ahould be given the opportunity to thrive
within our organization. We reward results and afford the opportunity to advance more rapidly than
is possible in most other organizations. Just as we serve our guests, we also serve our team members,
and it is our obligation to provide the tools and resources necessary for team members to achieve
their highest possible potential.

We Foster Business Relationships Built on
Honesty, Transparency and Professionalism

We seek to partner with suppliers and other businesses that will help us best serve the interests
of our guests and team members by enabling us to deliver the highest quality experience to each of
these constituencies. In all of our business dealings, we operate with honesty, transparency and
professionalism with a goal of establishing long term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We seek to
partner with suppliers and businesses that share our values and maintain a likeminded commitment to
engaging in a professional relationship premised on honesty and transparency.

We strive for Organizational Improvement by
Embracing Change and Never Bring Satisfied
with the Status Quo

We are open-minded to new ideas and not afraid of change, seeking best practices in all aspects of
our organization. Our future success depends on continual improvement. By not allowing ourselves to
become beholden to the ideas of the past we are better prepared to evolve as an organization and
better able to serve the changing tastes and attitudes of our constituent stakeholders. No matter
the size of our organization, flexibility on both organizational and team member level must be
embraced because we operate in an ever-changing marketplace where complacency can lead to loss of
competitiveness and diminution of brand.

We Achieve Results through
Teamwork and Mutual Respect

While we encourage individual self-expression, we believe the best results are achieved through the
collaborative efforts of our team members. Underlying our team-oriented culture is our desire to
foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our team members. We expect every team
member to treat their peers with courtesy and respect regardless of title, tenure or level of
responsibility; the trust needed to achieve success through teamwork depends on this. As a team we
are tied to the collective success or failure of the organization. It is therefore of paramount
importance that each team member feel a sense of ownership for that fate which is why we routinely
recognize and reward individual and team achievement.

We are Committed to Supporting
the Surrounding Community

We would not exist today but for the community around us. Our success is a product of support given
to us by our community and we are deeply committed to given back by contributing our time, money,
energy and food. We encourage our team members to be active participants in the local community by
offering a multitude of volunteer and philanthropic opportunities to anyone who wishes to
participate. We have a long and proud history of supporting local farmers and ranchers and sourcing
ingredients from local suppliers because doing so both ensures a fresher product and contributes to
the local economy on which our business is built. We also recognize our role as a citizen of the
global community and we try to be good stewards for our environment by maintaining an active
recycling and composting program, using energy efficient light bulbs and equipment and donating
excess food to charity rather than allowing it to go to waste.