Corporate Responsibility
We would not exist today but for the community around us. Our success is a product of the support given to us by our community and we are deeply committed to giving back by contributing our time, money, energy and food. We encourage our team members to be active participants in the local community by offering a multitude of volunteer and philanthropic opportunities to anyone who wishes to participate. We have a long and proud history of supporting local farmers and ranchers and sourcing ingredients from local suppliers because doing so both ensures a fresher product and contributes to the local economy on which our business is built. We also recognize our role as a citizen of the global community and we try to be good stewards for our environment by maintaining an active recycling and composting program, using energy efficient light bulbs and equipment and donating excess food to charity rather than allowing it to go waste.

Donation Requests

At Kerbey Lane Cafe we thrive on the community that built us. Throughout our 30+ years in business we have always made it a priority to support the city of Austin and surrounding areas that have helped make us who we are. In order to fully support our mission, vision and goals we have created a Corporate Responsibility Plan that supports the kind of business we strive to be. Due to this we will only be able to donate, volunteer or fund raise for organizations in Travis County, where we are headquartered, that support the following areas:

Facilitate or promote healthy or sustainable food for the less fortunate.
Independent school districts and Early Childhood Centers.

Donations will ONLY be given in the form of gift cards or cash funds. We are no longer able to give food donations.

To request a donation please fill out the form below in its entirety.

Donations are allocated QUARTERLY as follows – please plan your requests well in advance of your event:


January 1st-March 31st – Donations will be mailed on the second business day of April

April 1st-June 30th – Donations will be mailed on the second business day of July

July 1st-September 30th – Donations will be mailed on the second business day of October

October 1st- December 31st – Donations will be mailed on the fifth business day of January

Requests are evaluated on the first business day after the quarter end; the inquiring organization will then be notified through email if their donation request has been granted.