Cranberry-Walnut Pancakes

This week, we’re circling back to a pancake we featured previously but it’s more seasonal now. We hope you didn’t get your fill over cranberries last weekend because we’re bring them back, except now they’re wrapped in pancake.
We’re starting with our classic Buttermilk batter then we add craisins. That’s right, those tart, delicious little dehydrated cranberries. We match those up with some freshly chopped walnuts and mix it all together. Once they come of the griddle we top them with a delicious orange glaze.
If you’re looking for a more classic flavor simply request that your pancakes not have the glaze and it will be just like a pancake of yore. However, we recommend you at least get the glaze on the side because it is delicious and its sweetness is a nice balance to the tartness of the cranberry.
As usual, these featured pancakes will be available all weekend long at all five locations. You can choose them as part of a combo or have them on their own. Enjoy!

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