Cranberry-Walnut Pancakes

This week our featured pancake is stepping away from the extremely decadent pancakes inspired by desserts. It’s still a bit over-the-top but it’s more classic than say, our S’mores pancake was.
This week we’re featuring a Cranberry-Walnut filled pancake topped with an Orange glaze. This pancake is a bit more self-explanatory than previous ones but we’ll still break it down. We take our classic buttermilk mix, add in freshly chopped walnuts and dried cranberries. To combat the tartness of the cranberries we top it off with an orange glaze. The glaze is actually made with a fresh orange zest, which you will see in the glaze itself.
As usual, these pancakes can be ordered as part of any meal at no additional cost. That means you can even order them from our Early Bird Menu available 4am-7am Monday-Friday. Enjoy!


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