Edible Austin’s Bacon & Beer Festival

This has been a very strange week for Austin weather. We have experienced all four seasons in one week. Everyone seems to be suffering from Cedar Fever and the kids even got a snow day today!
Here at Kerbey Lane Cafe there are no snow days. We stayed open through the night and served quite a number of folks who also had to leave the house on this icy day. However, in typical Austin fashion our weather’s keeping things weird by climbing back into the 70’s this weekend. Sure. Why not?
If you’re coming in to see us this weekend, and we hope that you do, we’ll be serving Cinnamon Roll pancakes. We know we say this every time we have them but you really need to make an effort to eat some of these Cinnamon Roll pancakes, your life may never be the same once you’ve had them.
Our featured vegan pancake this weekend is Vegan Apple Pie. That may sound decadent but this particular pancake is served without a glaze. It’s a simple vegan vanilla batter with chunks of apple, graham and cinnamon in the batter. If you really want to fancy them up, we recommend asking your server to have them made with blueberries as well.
We also wanted to give y’all the heads-up on an event, which we are really excited to take part in. Edible Austin‘s Bacon & Beer Festival, coming up on Saturday, February 22, from 2:30 – 5 pm at the Marchesa. This is the first time that Austin will host a Bacon & Beer Fest but similar events have taken place in a few other cities and they all sold-out in advance of the event. So, if you’re a fan of both bacon and beer, you might consider getting yourself some tickets before they’re all gone!
You can join the online conversation about Austin’s first Bacon and Beer Fest by using the hashtag #BaconAndBeerATX on Twitter. You can also follow @kerbeylanecafe, @edibleaustin and @eatboston for more info.
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