Fall Menu is Back

We’re sure that many of you have already taken full advantage of the Fall Menu’s triumphant return but in case you missed all of the hullabaloo, it’s back. Just as we’ve done with the Spring and Summer menus we’ll be writing weekly blog posts highlighting the menu items in explicit detail so we don’t want to give everything away in this first post. However, you should know that Lemon-Poppyseed pancakes are out and Pumpkin pancakes are in. We’ve also replaced the Banana Bread French Toast with a Pumpkin Bread French Toast. Are you sensing a theme here?
We have also updated the wines and desserts. We are very pleased to offer a Tollhouse pie, which is basically a chocolate chip cookie in pie form. Yes, you read that correctly and trust us when we tell you that it tastes even better than it sounds.
Our Fall Seasonal Sandwich menu sees the return of the ever-popular Pear-Bacon Panini, which our staff couldn’t be more excited about. Another popular return item is the Granola Quesadilla. It sounds weird but it tastes amazing and features the same, sharp, aged white-cheddar that is in the Panini.
You can read the full menu below but we would rather see your smiling faces in the stores. Enjoy!


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