Fall Menu Spotlight: Eggs Italia

Our twists on Eggs Benedict have become some of the most anticipated dishes of our new seasonal menus. Our current Fall Menu features Eggs Italia, a Mediterranean twist on the classic Eggs Benedict. The centerpiece is, of course, two perfectly poached, organic eggs from our friends at Vital Farms. With a toasted english muffin and some Hollandaise sauce we offer some of the most classic and essential elements of the Benedict but we haven’t revealed the twists yet!
Our Eggs Italia starts with the toasted english muffin, we top that with some thick tomato slices, and salami. Then we add, the perfectly poached eggs and cover all of that with the Hollandaise sauce. Next we add some caramelized Red Onion slices and our seasonal Pistachio Pesto. We let you choose what comes on the side but we recommend a Pumpkin pancake for just $0.55! Enjoy!

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