Fall Menu Spotlight: Granola Quesadilla

File the Granola Quesadilla under things that sound wrong but are so, so right. We have created variations on this dish numerous times over the years and we haven’t come up with a combination that was displeasing as of yet. We know that a typical quesadilla is savory and filled with gooey, stringy cheese, however the Granola Quesadilla does not fit that description.
At the heart of this dish is peanut butter and banana, two ingredients who go together like Cagney and Lacey. That’s right, we just made a reference to a thirty year old television series, you know how we roll. We combine the one-two punch of peanut butter and banana with our delectable agave nectar sweetened granola. The candied ginger in the granola is a perfectly pleasant off-set to the sweetness of the peanut butter-banana combo. Then to truly balance things out we use a very sharp, aged-white cheddar. This cheese doesn’t turn out gooey or stringy, it simply adds a sharpness to the dish.
We serve the Granola Quesadilla with freshly cut fruit and a side of agave nectar. It’s a staff favorite and we promise, if you give it a shot it will become one of your favorites too. Enjoy!

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