Fall Menu Spotlight: Pesto di Pistachio Pasta

A week or two ago, we featured the Eggplant Tartine from our Fall Menu so, we thought it was fitting to spotlight the Tartine‘s companion entree, the Pesto di Pistachio Pasta.
You’ll find this seasonal pasta dish in the entree section of the fall menu and it’s actually only the second pasta dish currently on our menu period. The sauce is a creamy Pesto made with Pistachios instead of Pine Nuts. If you’re a fan of a traditional pesto you will love our Pistachio pesto just as much.
The vegetable mixture we use in this pasta dish is the same blend of veggies you’ll find on the Eggplant Tartine: roasted eggplant, tomato, onion and garlic. We toss all of these ingredients with fettucini and the creamy pesto then top it all off with fresh parmesan cheese.
If you like you can eat this pasta dish as it’s described above or you can add another protein. It’s only $2.96 to add grilled chicken or portobello mushroom. Of course, what pasta dish would be complete without some garlic bread on the side? We recommend adding either a house salad or caesar salad to complete this meal. Enjoy!

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