Fancy New Pancakes

Most likely, you’ve already discovered that our stores have really stepped up their pancake game in the last few weeks. With all of the reaction on Twitter and Facebook to the photos we’ve been posting, our kitchen managers have developed a mild rivalry with each other. We’ve had some of the most interesting and creative featured pancakes in the history of Kerbey Lane all within a few weeks time. Well, it’s all leading up to our unified pancakes strategy. Manager Emily at Kerbey Wm. Cannon, who is the creative mind behind the Lemon-Poppyseed pancakes as well as many of the most popular new concoctions has been busy developing recipes and strategies to get all of the stores on the same page. This week she has brought her wonderful Red Velvet recipe to our original store at 3704 Kerbey Ln. At her home-store on William Cannon she has premiered an Italian Cream Cake pancake for the first time ever!
Within the next few weeks all of our stores will slowly transition to Emily’s recipes. Our customers will have a full week to enjoy our featured pancake and they can order it at any, of our five, locations. This means, when you see a photo of one of our delectable pancakes on Facebook you won’t have to wonder when or where they are available. For now, though, you may continue to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to track which store has which pancakes.
Here are some photos of the Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese frosting available at the Original Kerbey Lane throughout the rest of the week and this weekend:
Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Take a Bite of Red Velvet Pancakes
The Italian Cream Cake Pancakes are currently available at our William Cannon store:
Italian Cream Pancakes at Kerbey Wm Cannon
Italian Cream Cake Pancakes at Kerbey Southwest
Keep an eye on this blog, our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest to stay appraised of any and all developments in the world of delectable pancakes.

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