Featured Artist: Carla Clay

blog1-2Meet featured artist, Carla Clay!

Her artwork will be on display through July 1 at our South Lamar location, 3003 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704.

Originally from El Paso, Carla moved to Austin five years ago to pursue a career in a lab after earning her B.S. in biochemistry from New Mexico State University. Carla went on to work at a large biotech company here in Austin, but wasn’t feeling fulfilled in her career choice. She had been creating art since she was a child and took up drawing again as a creative hobby. She confessed, “I always wanted to be an artist, but never thought it was a viable career choice.” A couple of years ago she decided to make the leap from biochemist to full-time artist. Carla offered these encouraging words to anyone afraid to take the risk in following their dream: “Just go for it, even if you think it’s not possible. It just might work out.”


She may have traded in her white coat and microscope for a paintbrush and canvas, but the inspiration for many of Carla’s pieces are science-based. She said, “I’m inspired by the mathematical laws and geometric patterns found in nature.” Another source of inspiration are Carla’s vivid dreams. From her website: “I often draw on my passion for horses, the desert Southwest, Central Texas, science and my love of biochemical structures.”

When asked about her preferred medium, Carla said, “I like switching up mediums to keep it challenging.” She works with watercolor, oil, and ink, and also enjoys wood working.

When she’s not creating art Carla loves to take advantage of all that our great city has to offer. She loves to get out into nature and draw, attend live music shows, and like any good Texan–eat her fair share of BBQ.

Carla’s artwork can be purchased via her online store and at our South Lamar location.

Questions about her work? Contact Carla directly at: carla.clay@gmail.com

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