Featured Artist: Heidi Miller Lowell

Self “Soul” Portrait

We’re excited to announce our featured artist for January: Heidi Miller Lowell!

Her artwork is on display now through March 2 at our UT location, 2606 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78705.

Heidi is a 20-year resident of Austin with a background in child development and education. After 12 years in the education field she decided that it was time for a change. Heidi recently left her job as a public school art teacher in order to start her own business. She desired more flexibility and wanted to interact with people more creatively.

Heidi is the founder of the Austin Artery, an art studio that cultivates creativity and well-being. They offer art classes for kids, teens, and adults, as well as home school classes and camps.

Bear Totem

From the website www.theaustinartery.com: “As the name, The Artery, suggests we are interested in bringing vital creative energy to each and every person who walks through our door. And we believe that art, much like an artery, can bring much needed energy to every facet of one’s life.”

The Austin Artery holds classes at several nursing homes in the greater Austin area, including Round Rock and Cedar Park. Studies have shown that creating art can help the aging brain, and improve mood and memory. Heidi has studied pedagogy and brain development, and is fascinated by current research in psychology and neurology. She believes that sharing stories through art can be therapeutic and provides an alternative means for self-expression when verbal skills decline, as they often do for those suffering from dementia. Stories told through the artwork of one of Heidi’s students, a 93-year-old woman, have become another source of her inspiration. Heidi says, “We’ve become like best friends.”

ig: @heidimillerlowell “A fox princess, for my daughter whose totem is a fox. She is clever and beautiful.”

Heidi considers her art to be a visual memoir of her life and spiritual growth. She describes her craft as “visual journaling”. When asked if she has a preferred medium Heidi said, “I’ve worked with watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media (torn book pages, found objects, such as old chandeliers and sticks gathered while hiking). I’ll work with whatever inspires me at the moment.”

Her most recent works are inspired by symbols; particularly animal totems. Animal totems are Native American in origin and are believed to have spiritual significance. Heidi explained how the bear, as a totem animal, symbolizes strength and courage. It is said that when you call forth the power of the bear totem, it allows you to realize your inner strength, fearlessness, and confidence in order to help you project those qualities outward into the world. She recently painted a fox (pictured right). “A fox princess, for my daughter whose totem is a fox,” Heidi captioned the Instagram post displaying her newly finished watercolor painting, “She is clever and beautiful.”

All of Heidi’s works displayed at our UT location are available for sale. Other items for purchase can be found at her Etsy shop:

Upcoming workshops:

Watercolor 101 for Adults
The first Thursday of each month at Bluffs Landing in Round Rock

Mandalas & Mindfulness Workshop
March 29 from 1- 4 PM at Casa Lowell

For more information and to view more of Heidi’s artwork visit: www.HeidiMillerLowell.com.


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