Featured Pancakes of the Week

We were tempted to hold back this information until closer to the weekend but since they are available now we figured we would unleash this week’s featured pancakes. This is the first week in which Emily has her recipes at all five locations. So, consider this week a preview of things to come. The major difference is, in the future all five locations will have the same pancake for a full week. This week, each store has their own unique flavor paired with a unique pancake topping. You can still add butter and syrup to these pancakes but it’s not necessary.
Here’s the rundown:

  • Kerbey Northwest: Pineapple-Orange-Banana pancakes with a Coconut Glaze

  • Kerbey Lane on Kerbey Ln: Cherry-Almond-Oat pancakes with a sweet Honey Glaze

  • Kerbey UT: Caramel Apple pancakes filled with peanuts topped with a Caramel drizzle

  • Kerbey S. Lamar: Bacon-Banana pancakes topped with a Peanut Butter sauce

  • Kerbey Wm. Cannon: Cocoa-Chocolate Chip pancakes with Salted-Carmel sauce


1 Comment
  1. Pat Molloy

    Masterpieces-All of them!!! Cannot wait to try the bacon and banana with peanut butter sauce!!!