Featured Pancakes

If you already “Like” us on Facebook, then you already know were considering a change to how we do our featured pancakes. In fact we already wrote a blog post about it. Basically, instead of each store coming up with their own pancake of the day, we’ll be featuring a very special pancake, which you’ll find at all five locations.
Not only will these pancakes be delicious and over-the-top decadent, they will have a release schedule. You’ll be able to go to visit this blog and know that we’ll have Candy Corn pancakes on Halloween. This is just an example but also a distinct possibility.
In our last post on this topic our William Cannon store was featuring one such featured pancake of the week, which was a Mocha Java pancake with a chocolate espresso sauce. Last week, they had Peanut Butter-Banana pancakes topped with Nutella. This week our William Cannon store features Rocky Road pancakes. It’s a buttermilk batter with cocoa powder, chocolate chips and almonds. They are topped with a vegetarian marshmallow fluff. All of these pancakes are the creations of manager Emily at our William Cannon store. She also came up with the Lemon Poppyseed pancakes with the lemon glaze, which is on our Spring and Summer menus. She has lots of pancake recipes up her sleeve and we look forward to implementing the store-wide featured pancakes in the near future.
For now, you can stop by our William Cannon store if you want to get a preview of some of Kerbey’s most creative and decadent featured pancakes. Enjoy!
Rocky Road Pancakes Bite Rocky Road Pancakes

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