Formula 1 Comes to Austin

We are so excited to be a part of another Austin milestone this weekend. As you know, Formula 1 racing returns to the United States this weekend with Austin’s first ever F1 race. As Austinites we are used to have our city visited en masse but since this is the inaugural F1 race in Austin we don’t fully know what to expect. We can tell you that there are events downtown as well as at the track and the first events will happen Friday morning. We know that area hotels are booked and that traffic is going to be intense. KXAN has reported that it could take three hours to get from downtown to the track in traffic.
We can tell you that we are looking forward to serving people who have never had Kerbey Lane before as well as our regular weekend customers. We have increased the staff at all of our locations in preparation for increased business to help ease the wait times but we do expect the waits during peak times to be longer than usual.
If you’re planning to head out in Austin this weekend, we recommend you plan for it to take longer than usual. Also, the Statesman has posted some great maps highlighting all of the road closures.
As of this moment, we don’t really know what Formula 1‘s first Austin race will mean but we’re certainly excited to find out!

Image courtesy of the Austin American Statesman

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