Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year’s

Last Wednesday was Christmas, which means it’ll be another 363 days until we lock the doors on all five Kerbey Lane Cafe locations. It’s very strange for us to shut everything down and it always take a couple of minutes for us to find the keys. Our syrup warmers and coffee machines were given a much needed rest but now their back on and they’re staying on.
We hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you got to spend some quality time with your families just as we spent quality time with our families. Just because Christmas is over, don’t think we’re resting on our laurels until next year. All of our stores remain very busy until into the new year.
Speaking of the new year, we just want to remind everyone that we will be open before, during and after the ball drop. So, if you’re planning to countdown the new year with your friends, we’ll be open and ready to serve you some food once the festivities are over. Of course, we don’t want anyone drinking and driving. Not only is it dangerous and selfish, there’s really no need for it. Austin’s bus system is completely free after 6pm on New Year’s Eve and we have three locations that are near a bus route. If you do feel the need to drive, make sure to designate a driver.
Have you checked out our new Winter Menu yet? We kept some of our favorites from the Fall Menu and added some new favorites just in time for winter. The weather is supposed to turn colder within the next week or so and Peggy Lee’s Pot Roast is the cure for those wintertime blues.
If you’re planning to stop by and see us at any point between now and early Tuesday morning we will be serving Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes as well as Vegan Beignet pancakes. The vegan beignet pancakes are crisp, vanilla pancakes topped with an espresso glaze and lots of powdered sugar. We also still have Broccoli Cheese soup but that will only be around for about a week.
Have a great weekend and if we don’t see you before-hand, have a Happy New Year y’all!

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