Goodbye October, Hello November

Last week we talked about some new menu items that were on the way and this week we can reveal a bit more for you. We spoke with Jodi Gonzalez at the Austin-American Statesman and we ended up spilling the beans on some of the goodies that are in the very near future at your nearest Kerbey Lane Cafe. You can read the full piece courtesy of statesman.com but we’ll reveal a few of the new items here as well.
Our main focus on our new menu is the entree section. Our breakfast menu will get a few adjustments but what we’re most excited about is the introduction of new entrees. Last week we were privy to a list of possibilities. This week we have a list of items that are definitely on our upcoming 24hr menu. Starting in a couple of weeks, Kerbey Lane will be serving, Orange Thyme Braised Short Ribs, Cochinita Pibil, Milanesa-style Pork Loin with Mole Sauce and Chicken-fried Chicken. The Chicken Fried Chicken is actually available right now but we’ll have the rest of the items within a couple of weeks.
We can also tell you that we saw Chef Joel experimenting with Fried Avocados. We can’t tell you what he’s doing with them, not because we’re trying to be secretive just because we don’t know yet. What we do know is we love Fried Avocado as a general rule, so whatever ends up happening with that, we approve of whole-heartedly.
If you’re planning to pay us a visit this weekend, you’re going to be very pleased with the featured pancake. We love all of our pancakes equally BUT most people seem to love our Pumpkin Cinnamon Rollpancakes the most. IF you thought Cinnamon Roll pancakes were good, wait until you eat Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll pancakes. It’s our famous Pumpkin Pancake batter with a brown sugar-cinnamon swirl cooked in, then we top it with cinnamon roll glaze and powdered sugar. They might change the way you think about pancakes.
Our featured Vegan pancake this weekend is Vegan Orange Spice. It’s our Vegan pancake batter with fresh Orange zest and clove, topped with an Orange glaze.
Both of these featured pancakes are only available through Monday night/Tuesday morning. Not all five Kerbey Lane locations change their featured pancake at the same time but they all change their featured pancakes on Tuesday. Be sure to call ahead if you’re planning to make a Tuesday visit.
Speaking of Tuesday, Kids Eat Free at all Kerbey Lane Cafe locations on Tuesdays.

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