Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!

Happy Valentine’s day to you and yours. The weather is gorgeous here in Austin, Texas. Our apologies to our Texas ex-pat friends who might be reading this post from beneath a fresh blanket of snow but here in Austin we’re wearing shorts and making weekend plans. Kerbey Lane Cafe does not do reservations so don’t hesitate to stop by this evening.
This evening starting at 5pm and available while supplies last, we will have a special Valentine’s Day plate available. It’s a special dish Chef Joel has created specifically for this evening, highlighting Twin County Dorpers‘ leg of lamb. However, we will still have our full 24hr menu, as well as our Seasonal Menu available and don’t forget to ask about dessert.

We have to say, it’s pretty convenient having Valentine’s Day on a Friday. Not only that, but Monday is President’s Day so we get holidays on both sides of the weekend! They may not be holidays that get you out of work but they are holidays nonetheless.
Whether you’re planning a special evening with a special someone, a night out with friends, a meal with your family or you just don’t feel like cooking and you want to come and see us, we’ll be here. Our featured pancakes at all five Austin locations is Bacon-Banana topped with a Peanut Butter sauce. The bacon and the banana are mixed into a buttermilk batter. Once the pancakes come of the griddle we top it with a peanut butter sauce. If you prefer to not have the sauce or you would like the sauce on the side, just let your server know.
This week’s featured vegan pancake is Vegan Vanilla. If you’d like to add something to your vegan pancakes, we’d be happy to do that for you. Just ask your server what is available to add to the vegan pancakes, the choices may vary based on which Kerbey location you’re visiting. We can tell you that the peanut butter sauce we have for this weekend’s non-vegan pancake is a vegan sauce and it tastes delicious with the vegan vanilla pancakes.
We hope y’all have a great weekend, we look forward to seeing you!

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