Jimmy Kimmel x KLC Commercial!

Last week, we saw this incredible tweet to Austin small businesses from the one and only, Jimmy Kimmel:

[Ed. Note: @McConaughey]

While Austin knows Kerbey Lane Cafe – about our unwavering core values and our serious commitment to the surrounding Austin community – we had to make sure Jimmy and Matthew did too. So, we sent them an email asking to help us make the ultimate KXJXM* commercial during SXSW2015. Here’s what we said:

1. While barbecue joints are great and all, we’re a true cozy diner with a modern twist. And that’s America. We have six (soon to be 7!) locations around Austin, four of which are open 24/7 (read: UT students can get their fix any time of day. You remember hangovers, don’t you?).

2. All of our beer and wine selections are $3 at all times. That means that every glass of beer is $3. And every glass of wine is $3. Every day. All day long.

3. We don’t discriminate between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our guests are encouraged to enjoy pancakes at 9PM or Kerbey Queso at 2AM (or, both pancakes and queso at once, any time of day).

4. Two words: pumpkin menu. Here at KCL in Austin we celebrate the weird, and everyone knows the weirdest and most delicious food is pumpkin. So, from April-October, we offer a pumpkin-centric menu, featuring pumpkin pancakes and burgers with sweet potato fries.

5. QUESTION: What’s the only thing that can make fresh-stacked pancakes even better? ANSWER: Adding a cinnamon swirl. As of 2015, our customers can “Swirl it up!” by adding a cinnamon swirl and glaze to any pancakes (including gluten free). There you have it! We think this could be a seriously fantastic partnership, and we hope you do too. SXSW is the talk of the town next month, but add a KXJXM SXSW commercial collab? Austin ain’t seen nothing yet.

*Kerbey x Jimmy x Matthew

Here’s how you can help make this happen –
1. Send a tweet to Jimmy (@jimmykimmel) asking him and @McConaughey to make us a killer #SXSW15 commercial
2. Use the hashtag #KXJXM
3. Send us a DM with your reason or include @kerbeylanecafe directly in the tweet

The person who tweets the most convincing reason will win a KLC gift card!

Alright, alright, alright…get tweeting!


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