Kerbey Goes Texan

As proud Texans we here at Kerbey Lane Cafe are committed to supporting our fellow Texans when it comes to the products we serve. We have highlighted some of the vendors whom we receive our meats and breads from in the past but that is only the beginning. Our eggs are organic and cage-free from Vital Farms based right here in Austin. Summer is coming up soon, which means we’ll be featuring tomatoes from Oak Hill Farm in Poteet Texas.
When we partnered with the Texas Department of Agriculture‘s Go Texan program we committed to representing the state, that we call home, with pride. To us this means serving quality Texas food composed of products born and raised here in Texas. We do our best to source our food as close to Austin as possible and we are always committed to sourcing our food from here in Texas. When you see that Go Texan logo on the doors to our stores you know that it means something.

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  1. Wendy

    Wow, thanks you guys for supporting local farmers and ranchers! I feel even better about eating at Kerbey Lane every week now.