Kerbey is Social

If you’re reading this blog post, then you are already at least marginally aware of Kerbey Lane’s social media presence. Chances are you arrived here following a tweet or a facebook post but just in case you arrived through some other means, let’s talk about all of the ways that YOU may connect with Kerbey Lane through social media.

Facebook is definitely the social platform where we have the most connections. We read your feedback, we share photos, videos, blog posts, pancakes of the day and all sorts of other goodies on there.

Twitter is our most interactive social platform. We follow people who talk to or about us, we see your Four Square and Yelp check-ins on there and we get lots of really great feedback from Twitter. Recently, we received a tweet request for Peanut Butter-Banana pancakes, which was forwarded to all of the stores and a few of them will have them by next week. We also had a tweet suggesting we make Carrot Cake pancakes, which they did at Kerbey S. Lamar, complete with a Cream Cheese frosting. It was so popular the batter sold-out in 6 hours and it will be making a comeback.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network on the planet and you better believe we’re on there. We love to use Pinterest on photos our customers take of our food but we also have boards highlighting Kerbey Catering, our building and the people who work within them.

Still not feeling connected to Kerbey, well we’ve only just begun. We are on Google+ and we’re even hosting a hangout in a couple of minutes. Join us at 2pm CST Wednesday, April 18th to hangout with one of the faces behind all of this social media content.

We’ve posted a few video interviews with our local vendors who you’ll found all of them on our YouTube channel. There will be more of those to come, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned!

Last but certainly not least, Kerbey Lane has jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. We saw so many of you Instagraming our food we figured we should get involved. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Instagram is a social platform, which is solely used on smartphones. It’s a way to share photos you take and give them a more artful, or interesting look. If you have an Android or iPhone, simply download the free app and search for KerbeyLaneCafe in the users section. We follow everyone who follows us.

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