Kerbey Lane One Week Later

It’s been another eventful week at your favorite 24 hour restaurant. We talked with Alfredo, the kitchen manager of our South Lamar store, as he prepared the last batch of Tomato Pie for 2013. It was a bitter-sweet moment since the preparation of Tomato Pie is incredibly complicated. Our prep kitchens aren’t going to miss all of the work that goes into it but they’re going to miss eating it at the end of their shifts.
In the upcoming week, we’ll run out of everything from the Summer Menu it’s going to be tough but cathartic at the same time. We don’t like running out of food but in this case, it’s for the greater good. Besides, the sooner we get the Lemon Poppyseed Pancake batter out of the kitchens, the sooner we can get Pumpkin Pancake batter in to the kitchens.
In a totally unrelated note, we were incredibly flattered to be mentioned in a fashion-blog post by local jewelry designer Kendra Scott. The post is all about Austin City Limits Festival fashion and since stopping by Kerbey Lane before and/or after the festival is part of the tradition for many, Kendra Scott created a look for the occasion. You can see the full blog post here with the complete look. However, it should also be noted that we appreciate the full spectrum of fashion so come as you are just be wearing all that the law requires you to wear before you step inside.
We were also mentioned this week in a post on the film blog, Slackerwood. They wrote a guide to Northwest Austin for the folks attending this year’s Fantastic Fest. Fantastic Fest is a film festival that takes place at the Alamo Drafthouse. In previous years the festival took place down the street from our S. Lamar store but at the moment the S. Lamar Drafthouse is still a construction site so the festival was moved to the beautiful, brand-new Lakeline Alamo Drafthouse in Northwest Austin. Luckily for everyone involved, we have a location just a 3 minute car ride from there. Read the full guide here.
The only other thing we wanted to mention this week is how pleased we are with the new tables at our original location. We are so pleased with them, in fact, that we wanted to make sure our fans knew where those chairs came from since they’re not exclusively a restaurant supplier. We ordered our beautiful patio tables for the Original Kerbey Lane from East Coast Chair & Barstool. We had a great experience working with them and we recommend you do that same if you’re in the market for some nice furniture.
Oh, we almost forgot to tell y’all that the featured pancakes right now and through the weekend are, Mocha Java and Vegan Cinnamon-Chocolate-Cayene. We know, that Vegan pancake sounds weird but we bet Peanut Butter and Jelly sounded weird at first too. Y’all have a great weekend, we hope to see you soon!

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