Kerbey Loves Vegans

Recently, our Facebook page blew-up when we posted a photo of our beautiful Bacon-Wrapped Pesto Chicken. One of our passionate customers felt we were unethical for serving meat and not having enough options for Vegans. We hear those concerns and want to highlight some of the things we offer for our Vegan friends and co-workers.
Kerbey Lane Cafe  
People come to Kerbey Lane Cafe for pancakes, which is why we offer a Vegan pancake of the day. We even have a Vegan breakfast platter with Vegan pancakes, a seasonal Tofu Scramble and Soy Sausage. Have you tried our Vegan Breakfast tacos with Vegan Chorizo? They’re delicious! Even our omnivorous customers order them.
Kerbey is also known for our delectable Queso and in an effort to extend that pleasure to Vegans we offer a Vegan Queso served with chips and salsa.  You can order it with guacamole and black beans inside to make it a Vegan Cowboy Queso. Order your Migas Vegan and you can still choose Queso as one of the sauces! Look for any item on the menu with a green “V” next to it and tell your server you want it modified for a Vegan.  Our staff is very familiar with a Vegan diet, as many of them are Vegans themselves, and they will be more than happy to accommodate you. We can even modify items that aren’t even vegetarian to make them Vegan.
Perhaps you’re a Vegan who’s not in a breakfast mood?  Our Hippy Burgers are vegan and made right in our commissary, we don’t buy pre-made patties from a National distributor.  Most all of the bread we receive from New World Bakery is also Vegan so, that means you can order the Hippy Burger with a variety of bread-choices and still satisfy your Vegan diet.  We also offer other Vegan sandwiches on our seasonal menus. Right now we have a Vegan Sloppy Joe we call the Sloppy Joel and next season we’ll have Allie’s Vegan ‘Which
Swing by for dinner and grab yourself the Greek Portabella.  That’s a Portabella mushroom cap, resting on sauteed Spinach, topped with Greek olives and tomatoes served with hummus and pita on the side.  It’s a favorite with our staff and our customers alike. Of course, no dinner is complete without dessert. Right now, at any of our five locations, you can grab a slice of Vegan Lemon cake with Strawberry frosting.
We’re not trying to be defensive, we’re just trying to be informative. Austin is a city filled with passionate people and we are a restaurant that is passionate about food. We just want you to know that we care about our customers, their opinions and their dietary concerns. We will continue to do our best to create a mindful menu and a pleasurable dining experience 24 hours a day whether you’re an herbivore, an omnivore, a locavore or some combination thereof.

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