Kerbey Code Reds

In previous blog posts we have talked about changes in the preparations of various menu items and we have lightly touched upon what can, and does, inspire some of these menu changes. We call them Code Reds. This may sound scary but generally, the Code Reds aren’t as frightening as their name might imply. We take your feedback seriously at Kerbey Lane and we strive to make sure that our customer’s voices are heard. Code Reds are one of the new tools we’re using to help us achieve this goal.
If your eggs weren’t served the way you were expecting them to be served, we will do our best to fix the problem immediately but then we will fill out a Code Red documenting the problem. This Code Red system helps us to spot trends in our stores. Code Red forms aren’t just for problems though. We also like to document our customer’s product requests, menu suggestions or anything else regarding their experience at Kerbey Lane.

You also may have noticed recently, the electronic survey on the bottom of your receipt. These electronic surveys are very brief and very simple. They take only a minute to complete and there is even the chance that you could win a prize if you participate. These quick and simple surveys have been very helpful already and have already inspired some positive changes in our stores. The results from these surveys are visible to the managers at our various locations as well as the staff in our main offices. That means your voice is heard from the server to the CEO and that’s just the way we like it.

The information from these surveys and the Code Red system are helping us to provide our guests with a restaurant experience that they expect and deserve. We appreciate hearing from you and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces very soon.

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