Kerbey UT Re-design

Kerbey UT
Trust us y’all, we know that change can be difficult but it can also be necessary. Several weeks ago we posted about re-modeling our UT location on Guadalupe. Many of you were very upset by this prospect. You insulted our design and compared the drawing to The Sims. First of all, it was a drawing populated by 3-D stick people, just like The Sims so we’ll give y’all that one but when you step inside the fresh new Kerbey you’ll understand the necessity for change.
If you tour all five our locations in one day, you will see that Kerbey UT has become an eye-sore. Trust us, we love it as much as you do and we have lots of amazing memories in that space but it looks like a hodge-podge. In the past, upgrades to the UT location have focuses on small areas but the store hasn’t had a complete overhaul since it was opened. The booths no longer match, the floor pattern has no flow whatsoever, the tile is mis-matched and chipping and don’t even get us started on the wall treatments. Many of you feel these things are what give Kerbey UT its “charm” but we contend that a deteriorating restaurant isn’t “charming” it’s “hazardous”. Also, we feel like YOU and our staff are truly what gives Kerbey UT its charm.
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A building is just a building until there are people inside to make it warm and familiar. We are confident that once you embrace the change that is in store for Kerbey UT you will really love it. Besides, if it’s truly the run-down nature of the interior that makes you feel comfortable in our UT store, just give us a semester or two with drunken UT undergrads on our late night shifts, we’re sure they will bring the charm back to our new space.
The reason we’re posting about the re-model again now is for those of you who are feeling uber-nostalgic. We thought you might like a chance to revisit Kerbey UT in its “classic” state before it gets a facelift and this is your last week to do so. That’s right, when this month is nearing its end we’ll lock the doors to Kerbey UT and when we unlock them again in late June it will be a whole new world with Aladdin and Jasmine.
We hope this post quells your worries. We love Kerbey UT but we also love our customers and feel they deserve a better space to dine in. We can’t wait for you to see the new look of Kerbey UT and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on its progress throughout the re-model.
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  1. Lauren

    I hope that after this overhaul of the restaurant the prices won’t get jacked up again, too. We understand that Kerbey is popular (especially with yuppees nowadays) but that doesn’t necessitate ridiculous price increases. It just hurts the customer, which are mainly poor students that love food.

  2. admin

    Thanks for the concern Lauren! But we will not be increasing prices.