Kerbey UT Re-Model

We know many of you have made lots of wonderful memories at our location on the drag. Kerbey Lane is a big part of the University of Texas student experience, which we acknowledge and appreciate. However, if we may quote those wonderful poets of The Brady Bunch,

“When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange
who you are into what you’re gonna be.”

It is indeed time to change Kerbey UT and we’ve got to rearrange it into a more logical flow pattern. Our servers will no longer have to walk trays through crowds out the front door to serve people in the outer dining area.
We will be closing the UT location for 3 weeks in June, re-opening with a completely new layout. We know many of you will miss the old look and the old feel of Kerbey Lane on the drag but we’re excited for you to make new memories in a fresh, clean space.
Obviously, this re-model is a couple of months in the future so we don’t have a lot of visuals to share with you yet. However, we do have this rendering done by our architects over at Weiss Architecture to give you a little sneak preview:

Kerbey UT Re-Model

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  1. David Cappolino

    We ate at this location yesterday and was appalled to see that you are changing the place. The allure of this location is all about the funkiness. Now it’s just going to look like a clone of other trendy diners in the Austin area. Sometimes change is good and necessary. In this case it’s not. I imagine that my dining experience yesterday at this place will be my last. Makes me sad.