Kerbey UT Reopening

Since Memorial Day weekend, many have worked very hard to transform the Kerbey Lane on Guadalupe Street. After waiting patiently for four weeks, we are thrilled to reopen the doors of our UT location once again to the Austin community tomorrow, June 27 at 7 am!


Patricia Atkinson, Chief Financial Officer of Kerbey Lane Café, said she is “very excited for the new store because it now epitomizes the same feel as the other Kerbey Lane restaurants, but remains unique to its location in the heart of the University of Texas campus.” The location on Guadalupe Street was the third installment of restaurants for Kerbey Lane Café and has been serving up late night cravings and early bird specials to Central Austin since March 2000. “It was time for an improvement in the store’s look, so we took this opportunity as soon as we could” said Kelly Vaccaro, Training Director for the restaurant.


So, come out and join us tomorrow morning as we unveil the new and improved UT Kerbey Lane!

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