Labor Day Weekend

It’s the officially unofficial last weekend of the summer! Time to spend time with the family, the grill, the pool and some beer(s). Before, after, or instead of all of that y’all should stop by one of our five Austin locations because who wants to cook on a holiday? We do! We’re still cooking up those Summertime favorites like Tomato Pie, Fried Green Tomatoes and Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes. We’ll have all of those Summer favorites for a couple of more weeks but then we’ll have to bid them adieu until 2014.
We’re expecting to see lots of your bright, shining faces day and night all weekend long. We’re not locking the doors on any of our locations so feel free to come over whenever you get the hankering for some Kerbey Lane.
We don’t want to reveal too much because it’s still very early in Chef Joel‘s process but he sent us an e-mail today listing what items we can/might/should expect from the new Seasonal Menu and we are pretty psyched. Some of our favorites from last fall are returning and we’re premiering some really delicious dishes that we can’t wait to try. The employees of our various locations will get to taste and learn about the new menu about a week before it’s revealed and chances are they’ll be telling you some of the highlights before it even hits the plates. Like we said, we don’t want to reveal too much but we WILL reveal that Pumpkin Pancakes are returning and so is the Pear and Bacon Panini. So, we’re already sold.
In anticipation of this 3-day weekend we decided to feature Cinnamon Roll pancakes this week. If you still haven’t tried these pancakes, maybe you shouldn’t because apparently they’re addictive. On Tuesday evening, when we revealed this week’s featured pancake via Twitter and Facebook, people from Houston, Dallas and San Antonio told us they were driving to Austin this weekend for Cinnamon Roll pancakes. These pancakes have truly taken on a life of their own.
For our Vegan friends we’re featuring Vegan Raspberry-Lemon Pancakes this weekend. They’re sweet, they’re tart, they’re delicious and omnivores are welcome to order them too!
What are y’all’s plans for this weekend? If your plans involve pancakes, enchiladas, mimosas, coffee, queso, cheesecake, salad, pie, beer, any and all of the aforementioned, we should hang out.

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