Menu Changes

We wanted to let y’all know that we did a little bit of tweaking of our 24hr menu this week. First of all, we know you’re thinking that means we’ve raised the prices but we haven’t. The only price increase isn’t really an increase it’s an evening out. A side of fruit increased a dime on breakfast items so that it costs the same with breakfast items as it always has with lunch items. Other than that all of the prices have remained the same.
One of our most popular entrees is the Greek Chicken the flavors are so fresh and wonderful that both our customers and our staff adore it. Well, we’ve tweaked a couple of things about it. Instead of calling it Greek Chicken, it’s not called El Greco. This is because now you can choose your protein! The plate will still be served with hummus, pita, tabhouli, spinach, feta, tomatoes, greek olives and Tatziki sauce but now you get to choose whether you’d rather have Chicken, Portobello, or a ground Lamb patty. If you choose the Portobello, El Greco can be made Vegan simply by eliminating the Feta Cheese and the Tatziki (which is served on the side).
El Greco
The next major change also involves protein. We loved our Bison (notice the past tense) but our customers simply weren’t ordering it. When they did they didn’t like the potatoes in the picadillo mixture. You spoke, we listened. We have replaced the Bison picadillo with a Lamb picadillo and we’ve eliminated the potatoes from the mixture. We’re also still using the high-quality local lamb from our friends at Twin County Dorpers too. You can get our new Lamb picadillo in enchilada or taco form and you can also add it to our spectacular queso.
We’ve evolved our fish selection on the new menu as well. For years we had Mahi Mahi, then we switched to Tuna well now we’re not boxing ourselves in. Rather than specifying a breed of fish we’re just calling them Fish Tacos and the fish will change. At the moment, some of our stores are serving Wahoo and some have Mahi Mahi again. You can add the fish to any salad, have it in tacos or as an entree on a bed of Chipotle spiced veggies.
A favorite from a couple of seasonal sandwich menus has made our permanent menu. People like the Chicken Pesto Panini so much that it returned for several seasons, well not it’s on the permanent menu. The only difference is now you choose to have it with either chicken or portobello mushroom. Consequently, we’ve eliminated the old Portobello Sandwich since this one is essentially the same. If you don’t want it served the only way simply tell your server and they’ll have it prepared on sourdough and not put in the panini press.
Speaking of popular seasonal menu items that now have a permanent home. Our house-made Granola was such a hit that we’ve added it to our 24hr menu. It’s a delicious Granola sweetened with agave nectar served with your choice of milks or greek yogurt. The granola itself is Vegan so if you choose to have it with soy milk you’ve got yourself a delicious Vegan breakfast.
The other changes we’ve made are a bit more subtle. Our Bacon-Wrapped Pesto Chicken is no longer WRAPPED in bacon. It used to be rolled up and filled with cheese and pesto. Now, we serve it stacked, which means it will cook more faster, more evenly and if you don’t want it with pesto or mozzarella we can easily accomodate you. We’ve eliminated olives from the Fajita Salad, since Fajitas aren’t, generally, served with olives. We’ve also eliminated the cheese from our biscuits making them less savory and more conducive to breakfast.
We’re sure some of these changes will be more welcome than others but all of them were made thoughtfully. We only change our 24hr menu occasionally so, when we do it’s a reaction to customer suggestion. You didn’t order the Tuna or Bison so it’s gone. You didn’t like our cheesy biscuits so we 86’d them. You told us the Bacon Pesto Chicken was inconsistent so we changed the way we make it. In other words, thank YOU for helping us to further refine and improve our menu experience. We hope you like what we’ve done and we look forward to having a meal with you soon!

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