Pachanga Fest

As usual Austin has a lot of great things to do every weekend and this weekend is no exception. We wanted to highlight an event where you can catch us this weekend. It’s called Pachanga Fest and it takes place down at Fiesta Gardens..
For those of you who are not familiar with Pachanga Fest, it is an annual Latino music festival that features musicians from around the globe playing a variety of Latin and Latin-Influenced musical styles. This year even has Grammy award winning artists from Puerto Rico, Calle 13 as well as Austin’s-own Los Lonely Boys. You can find the full line-up over on the official Pachanga Festival website.
So, we’re sure at this point you’re thinking, “This is great but what does it have to do with Kerbey Lane?” Well, that’s a valid question and we’ll tell you. You will notice on the ticket page for Pachanga Fest that there is an option for VIP tickets. Well, part of the VIP package includes Kerbey Queso. Yes, you read that correctly. From 4p-5p on the Saturday of the festival you will find Kerbey Queso in the VIP area. It’s part of a preview of this summer’s Quesoff, which will be hosted by the Mohawk in a couple of months. So, if you were already thinking you kind of wanted to go to Pachanga Fest, may we suggest you, TREAT YO SELF, and get the VIP package.
The whole thing starts tomorrow so act quickly!
Pachanga Fest

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