Pancake Planning

Hey you! Yes, you! Want to know a secret? We can tell you what our featured pancake is going to be from now through the start of February. The deal is, it’s possible this pancake schedule will be altered but here’s our plan for now. Today until Tuesday, we have Peanut Butter-Banana pancakes topped with Nutella:

Starting on January 15th, we’ll be featuring Beignet pancakes:

January 22nd will see the return of Cranberry Walnut pancakes with an Orange glaze:

On January 29th we’re bringing back our most popular featured pancake, the Cinnamon Roll pancake:

Like we said, it’s possible (but not probably) that this pancake schedule will shift so you should keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to stay appraised of any last minute switeroos. Enjoy!

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