Pancakes and Pancake Photos

Kerbey Lane, like many other bars and restaurants in town, is home to many an artist. We have lots of painters, sculptors, photographers and musicians working at our five locations. We have actors, writers, and filmmakers as well. One of the many things that drew many of us to Austin is its creative and artistic energy. Our city is an epicenter of collaboration and inspiration and we love that our stores attract so many artistic souls both on the customer side and the employee side of things.
One of our many in-store artists is Emily Blincoe. She has been with Kerbey Lane for many years in many capacities. Those of you who diligently read this blog every week may already know her name because she is the driving force behind last year’s flood of out-of-this-world pancake recipes. What you may not realize is that she is also an amazing photographer. Her photos of those one-of-a-kind pancakes, like the Cinnamon Roll pancake, have gained Kerbey Lane lots of attention and we truly appreciate it.
One of the reasons we wanted to highlight her photography right now is that she has become quite an Instagram celebrity. Her work was first featured on the Instagram blog several weeks ago, which is an honor in and of itself but since then she has also been featured as part of Instagram‘s weekly Hashtag Project. With the hundreds of thousands of Instagram users it takes a very special talent to be noticed and recognized by the photography-based social-media site. Most recently, she has been named by Instagram as a “Suggested User.” This may seem like no big deal but trust us when we say, it’s a very big deal and we are so happy that Emily lends us her talents to make our famous pancakes look even better.
If you’re an Instagram user, to find the Suggested Users List, tap Profile > Find Friends > Suggested Users. The Suggested Users List also appears for new users during the sign up flow when registering for Instagram. So, whether you’re new to Instagram, you’re already a pro or you want to sign up, be sure to follow Emily as well as Kerbey Lane Cafe.
In the meantime, here’s three photos Emily took that highlight this week’s featured pancake, Italian Cream Cake.

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