Patio Seating

Original Kerbey Lane

Once again faithful Kerbey-ites, when you speak we listen. You told us you wanted to eat Kerbey Queso in an inviting outdoor atmosphere with your cute little puppy dog. Well guess what? You can! Now, at four of our five locations we have patio seating! Are you as excited about this as we are?

Just like the rest of our dining areas, you’ll have to check with our host staff to be seated. We know this can get tricky when you have a pet in tow but that’s just the way we have to do things right now. We serve our full menu on all of our patios including some delicious adult beverages.

Our newest store at 3003 S. Lamar is the latest to join the patio club and the staff is super-excited. We loved our old home at 2700 S. Lamar but we are also very pleased to be in a bright, shiny new space with more parking, more seating and more patio. Our tables just arrived today and we want you to be the first to break them in. Come on over and have some pancakes, watch S. Lamar traffic and feel the temperate breezes.

3003 S. Lamar Patio

When the weather shifts and the heat becomes unbearable don’t fret all of our patios are equipped with some form of roof and a ceiling fans as well. Now we don’t have some good/bad news about the patios that some of you will love and some of you will abhor. We know that this is Austin and we’re doing our best to keep things laid back and weird but we don’t allow cigarette smoking on any of our patios. We know this upsets some of you but we want to maintain a smoke-free environment for our staff, young patrons, non-smoking patrons and pets.

So, next time you’re basking in the sun and you’re hungry just come on over and bask in the sun with some Kerbey food. We implore you!


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