Progress Report 1: Kerbey UT

Alright y’all, as we mentioned in our previous posts, we are going to keep you appraised of the progress on the remodel of Kerbey UT throughout the process. Monday we closed and locked the doors around 3pm and began the process of moving things out. Our staff hoarded some of their favorite items to remember the old digs and we had lots of customers stopping by to watch the exodus of things. As of Tuesday we have removed all of the stuff, the next step it to begin demolition.
We thought you might want to see some photos of the process. These first photos represent what the space looked like before we moved in. Did you know it used to be a Conan’s Pizza?

As you can see, we inherited that “lovely” wood paneling when we took over the space.

Here’s what it looked like Tuesday completely bare of booths and decorations:

Here’s a photo of the beginning of the demolition;

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