Progress Report 2: Kerbey UT

Well, it’s been about 10 days since we locked the doors at Kerbey UT to begin re-modeling. We’ve already painted the outside and all of the major demo is complete, now it’s onto framing things in to create new spaces. Obviously, things are still in the, “use your imagination” stages but we can start to get an idea for how things are going to look. It’s so exciting to put on a hard hat and tour around the space. We know it’s tough for those of you who walk to this location to not be able to do so but we are so excited for you to see it and it will only be a couple of more weeks we promise! In the meantime, here’s how things are looking now:
Outside Kerbey UT




  1. Tim

    Hi, can you put some dates on this? I don’t see any info on when this will re-open.


  2. admin

    Hey Tim, any dates we could give would be tentative. When you’re dealing with construction and city inspections you never know precise dates until a few days before everything is completed. Theoretically re-open will happen around June 24th.