Progress Report 3: Kerbey UT

This week’s changes at Kerbey UT involved some major work on the floor. The old stage area was ripped out and jackhammered then the entire floor got a fresh layer of concrete. Once that was dried the whole thing was sanded, leveled and tiled. At the moment the tiles are still covered so you won’t see them in the photos but they look amazing. Also, all of the framing was completed so you can really get a sense of the space now. A lot of the tiling of the bar was completed as well, you can start to get a sense of what things will look like. By this time next week it should really look like a restaurant again. For now, it still looks like a conceptual construction zone.





  1. Phox

    Will you be getting a new mural on the outside… that was one of those things I REALLY liked. the new… hanging blinds things on the outside are interesting… I’m not sure if I like them or not. It feels kind of futuristic. It doesn’t feel like kerby ln to me. I live right next door (ok 2 buildings away, but close enough) at the Taos co-op, been watching the evolution of the construction process. I look forward to seeing it completed. Are you still going to have the bar rounded and down low like before or are you going “sheep” style and making it 1 long flat piece of wood at chest height, like denny’s and every other restaurant with a bar does? That was another thing that made this place unique, although it was a bit low for me, it was still nice.

  2. admin

    No, there won’t be a mural on the outside and no we won’t make it look like any Denny’s we’ve ever been to. The bar won’t be low and it won’t be wooden. Keep an eye on the next progress report and you’ll have a better idea. Every Kerbey will always feel like Kerbey because of our staff and our food. Our physical space does not make us who we are. We look forward to revealing our re-model VERY soon.