Receipt Surveys

For the past several months you may have noticed a code near the bottom of your receipt at Kerbey Lane Cafe. These sorts of surveys have become common place in the service industry these days and we recognize that they may seem like visual white noise. However, we wanted to highlight this survey for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s very simple and only takes a moment or two. It can be done on a smartphone before you even leave the restaurant or you can wait until you get to a computer. Basically, we want to know if you enjoyed yourself and if you would be likely to recommend us to a friend. It’s pretty straight-forward stuff.
These quick surveys are also a great opportunity for you to voice your concerns or suggestions in a manner that will definitely be seen by our management team as well as our office staff. The feedback we receive from these receipt surveys is seen by everyone from the top down. Our management and office staff get to see all of the feedback and our cooks and servers get to see some of the highlights and low-lights.
If ease of completion and having your voice heard aren’t enticing enough, you could also win a prize. A winner is selected at random from the pool of surveys by a third party company. Even if your survey said that you hated everything about your experience and you never want to eat at Kerbey again, you could STILL win an iPad Mini. In other words the prize is not awarded to someone just because they told us what we wanted to hear, nor is it awarded to an employee’s friends or family.
Just this week, a young man named Casey was given a free iPad Mini on us. All he did was take 3 minutes to fill out the survey on his receipt. Perhaps you will be our next winner?

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