S. Lamar Location Relocating

When Kerbey Lane Cafe opened on South Lamar in February of 1986 we received a warm and enthusiastic reception.   That our success would continue for over 25 years, with so many loyal and supportive customers, and with enough wonderful, memorable employees to fill a yearbook, was quite literally beyond our imagination.


We’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in the character and flavor of South Lamar, but over the last several years the changes have been even more exciting, energetic and full of promise.  We’ve seen an explosion of local, uniquely Austin restaurants and bars between Barton Springs Road and Ben White Blvd. along with a proliferation of restaurant trailers and eclectic, local boutique retail.


We are extremely happy South Lamar has not gone the way of cookie-cutter, “anyplace USA” development.  There has never been so much vibrancy, promise and opportunity to undertake new projects and expansion.


We are very pleased to announce we have successfully negotiated a lease with Lilly, Heather, John and the fine folks with Danly Properties to rent a 5500 sq ft retail space in “The Corners” at South Lamar and Manchaca, a locally owned center in the heart of this thriving area, and just a few blocks from our current location.   The new store has plenty of parking, so you’ll spend less time hunting for a spot, more tables (including a patio), so wait times will shrink, and a kitchen designed for our specific needs that will allow us to get food to your table faster.


We are sad to leave our old home, but we look forward to developing this new space in a manner that is of, from, and for this part of Austin that has supported and sustained us for many years.  Follow us on Facebook for updates and photos throughout this exciting project!



David Ayer & Patricia Atkinson


New location expected to be open January 19th.

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