Salted-Carmel Chocolate Pancakes

Another week, another delectable pancake from Manager Emily’s pancake files. As part of our unified pancake initiative this week, all five Kerbey Lane locations have Salted Caramel Chocolate Pancakes. That means whether you’re a Kerbey regular or a visitor in town for Austin City Limits Festival, you can count on all of our stores offering these wonderful pancakes throughout the weekend.

Inside the pancake itself you’ll taste both cocoa powder and chocolate chips, with a hint of salted carmel. Without the topping these just taste like the most wonderfully chocolatey pancakes you’ve ever had. Once they come off the griddle, we top these decadent chocolate pancakes with caramel sauce, then we top it all off with freshly ground sea salt.

These flavors combine to create something that is savory, sweet and generally spectacular. Have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time before or after. You can order the Salted-Carmel, Chocolate Pancakes on their own, or as part of a breakfast platter, Paris Texas platter, or anything from the Eggs & Omeletes section of our menu. They will be available until at least Monday, on Tuesday we will begin to transition to the next featured pancakes. Get ’em while you can!

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