Seasonal Wines

Since Kerbey Lane is a 24hr restaurant people usually think of us as a place to go after you’ve already been drinking but you should know that we offer some excellent wines and beers as well. Obviously, if you’ve already had a lot to drink or it’s after midnight you won’t be able to partake. For those of you who just enjoy a nice adult beverage to accompany a nice meal we have some great options for you.
With each new seasonal menu we offer a red and white wine that matches nicely with our seasonal entrees. For the spring menu our seasonal white wine is Ruffino Pinot Grigio, Delle Venezie 2010 and our seasonal red is a California Red Blend from Primal Roots.
The Ruffino winery is based in Tuscany and has been in the wine business for over 130 years. Their Delle Venezie has been described to have intense floral notes followed by aromas of citrus and pear. Refined notes of minerality are balanced with hints of pineapple and sage. It is considered a medium-bodied white with a lean, crisp finish. We think it goes really nicely with the Pulled Pork Tacos, balancing the acidity present in the taco’s spicy slaw with its clean, citrus flavors.
The California Blend from Primal Roots combines three of California’s most renowned grapes to create an aromatic, full-bodied red wine. The Merlot provides aromas of raspberry, red currants, and mocha along with fine-grained tannins that create a soft, luxurious texture. Merlot is the varietal that keeps this wine grounded. Syrah lends a deep purple color, silky texture, and balanced structure to the wine. Aromas of violets, black currants and a gentle earthiness are accentuated by flavors of dried cherry, dark chocolate, and vanilla spice. Zinfandel is concentrated and rich, yet soft on the palate and loaded with black cherry, clove, and wild blackberry. Known for its spicy characters, the Zinfandel rounds out the wine by adding a touch of warm spice. We suggest you try this seasonal red alongside the Steak Vermicelli Bowl.
These wines will only be in our stores as long as the Spring Menu is so come on in and let us wine and dine you!

Just for the record, we don’t really understand this video from Primal Roots any more than you do.

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